Characteristics of SS Tiger 500W

  • SS TIGER 500W are high strength re-bars with better elongation properties implying that you can economize steel consumption without sacrificing safety.
  • SS TIGER 500W has more superior weldability than conventional deformed bars due to its low carbon content it can be built-welded or lap-welded using ordinary electrodes.
  • SS TIGER 500W rib patterns on the re-bar surface can give quality bonding with concrete.
  • Lower %S, %P, %Cr and % Cu content makes the re-bars more durable and weather resistant.
  • Due to its exclusive combination of strength and ductility. SS TIGER 500W can adequately support a seismic design with the pressure of earthquakes.
  • SS TIGER 500W maintain the standard Ratio (UTS / YS).
  • Extraordinary microstructure of SS TIGER 500W results in the re-bar’s excellent bendability.
  • SS TIGER 500W exclusive quality of elongation displays better bending properties without crack.