SS TIGER 400/60G

“SS TIGER 500W”, a product of SS Steel is the new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar. It is different from ordinary bars in its method of manufacturing and consequently, in its combination of properties. These properties ensure that SS Steel provides the strongest core to a structure. 

“SS TIGER 500W” is produced as per BDS ISO 6935:2 – 2006, its carbon levels are maintained to ensure required standard, quality and specification that are expected. Thus SS Tiger 500W re-bars have excellent ductility, high bendability, better corrosion resistance and superior weldability. Other unwanted impurities (like Sulphur and Phosphorus) that impair the overall longevity of re-bars inside constructions are also maintained at much lower than specifications. We also produce Grade-400/Grade-60 as per BSTI standard which quality also matches with the expected standards of the code.