Board of Directors

Javed Opgenhaffen   


Javed Opgenhaffen, a shareholder and Director, graduated in management from Queen Mary, University of London and in Employment relations from London School of Economics and Political Science. He hold the post of Chairman and acts to enhance the sales & profitability of the Company. In addition, his vision and forward thinking will certainly contribute to rapid growth and expansion. He is also a Chairman of Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited and Director of A.J. Corporation Limited. Prior to joining Generation Next Fashions Limited, Mr. Opgenhaffen worked as a Management Trainee at Deutsche Bank GMBH, London. He has dual citizenship in Bangladesh and Belgium.


Mohammad Shirajul Islam   

Managing Director, S.S. STEEL LIMITED

Mohammad Shirajul Islam, a shareholder and Managing Director, has completed MBA from University of Dhaka and holding the office as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company. He has been actively involved with different sectors like Textiles, Garments, Steel, Import, Export, Media and Manufacturing. He is an optimist man, good leader and also a perfectionist. His inner vision, leadership and early adaptability have made S.S. Steel (Pvt.) Limited a trusted name in the steel manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. He is also Director of Bangladesh Auto Re-Rolling & Steel Mills Association.


Sayeed Rezaraj Ahmmad  

Director, S.S. STEEL LIMITED  (Representing NJ Holdings Ltd.)
Sayeed Rezaraj Ahmmad, a Director (Representing NJ Holdings Ltd.) has completed M.Com from Rajshahi University. He was born in Rajshahi District. After completion his academic career he started business as different sectors. He received training on “Efficient Business Operation Management”, “Supply Chain Management” and also completed ICMAB (Intermediate). Then he was nominated as director of S. S. Steel Limited in 2016 representing NJ Holdings Ltd.


Sadad Rahman 

Independent Director, S.S. STEEL LIMITED

Sadad Rahman, an Independent Director, he has completed MBA, from City College University of London, UK. After he completion his academic career he started services different types of sector. Also he received various types training from different institutions. Not only he is the Independent Director of S. S. Steel Limited but he is also Managing Director of Rangpur Distillries & Chemicals Limited & Independent Director of Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited.


Bhuban Chandra Sil 

Independent Director, S.S. STEEL LIMITED

Bhuban Chandra Sil, an Independent Director, he has completed Masters of Commerce (Management) from National University. After his completion his academic career he started services different types of sector. He had the experiences of Commercial Activates of Import, L/C dealings with C/F Agents Bank and Others. Land procurement, Land mutations and Land related other activities with legal and Income Tax  related activities etc.